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Would you like to join the growing communities of sim/region owners and create or explore your own virtual world environment? Here's a couple of excellent options I personally recommend, depending on your proficiency with your computer, installing software, configuring your router, firewall and working with mySQL database- or your lack of proficiency in these skills, you can either buy a ready to move-on and build region and pay a monthly fee, or you can setup most any home computer and run the software from your home. A third option for those who have the skills above but lack a fast internet connection, is to pay for server space to run the software remotely. Each of these are described in more detail below.

More information on ALL of this and more here INFORMATION

For the technically advanced having the ability and desire to work with and setup your terminal command-line interface, mySQL database, phpMyadmin, firewall, port/port forward-router configurations and troubleshoot: Host your 256m x 256m regions or MEGA regions on your own PC, Mac, or on a paid commercial server using the free OpenSim software. Using Linux, Windows, OSX, Ubuntu and others. Ability to back up and save your entire region and all contents. Unlimited prims. Voice chat is not included but can be installed with a plug-in (technically advanced) there is now a very small monthly fee to connect a region to this grid. Volunteer customer service tech/help staff, and plenty of helpful friendly region owners, citizens and admins who will help as their time permits. Most items in the grid are free to copy or given out freely on request, there is no "economy" for store sales. Hypergrid teleport enabled to teleport to other grids around the world.

Native legends and stories recorded readings
Most stories are 3-5 minutes long, in mp3 format.

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